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About Us

AMIVOICE THAI provides comprehensive software solutions integrated with consulting services for all commercial enterprises. Our cutting-edge Speech Recognition technology drives business performance by increasing operational quality and service efficiency in today’s demanding competitive environment. Our technology is flexible and easy to use in multiple languages and across multi-business platforms.

AMIVOICE THAI is a subsidiary of Advanced Media, Inc. the number one Speech Recognition software providers in Japan. We deliver exceptional solutions around speech analytics to various industries including Banking, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Government. We also offer customized solutions for Call Centers that need to handle multiple languages.

Core Technology

Speech Recognition

Natural Language

Conversational Interface
Design Toolkit

Data / Text Mining

Speech & AI

Voice User
Interface Design

Usability Test


Build Test Set

Expert Review

Pilot Test

Regression Test


Speech Enabled Solution to Customer’s Business

Contact Us

If you’re a professional waiting to realize your potential with a fast- growing IT company that works on cutting edge technology, AmiVoice Thai could be just right for you!

1 C.P.Tower 2 (Fortune Town), 16th Floor, Zone C1,
Ratchadapisek Road,
Din Daeng, Din Daeng,
Bangkok 10400 Thailand
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